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Meet The Team

Hi! I'm Catherine and my husband and I have 2 sweet rescue pups named Bergeron (boxer/pit mix) and Pasta (pit/black mouth cur mix). I’ve always wanted to work with animals, so I got a biology degree from Clemson, but life took me in a different direction and now I’m a full time accountant for a local construction company.


I’ve been pet sitting for friends and family for about 10 years now here and there, so I’m very excited to work with Kelsey to help grow her business and still do what I love doing! I have had many different types of pups and cats throughout my life, but I will say pitties have a special place in my heart! Those big heads get me every time!


I’ve been in Myrtle Beach for about 6 years now, so I’m pretty familiar with the area. With my husband being the band director at CFHS, it's been a blessing to get to meet so many amazing people here.


I can’t wait to meet you and all of your furbabies and give them my cuddles throughout the grand strand!

Hi! I'm Kelsey and I'm the owner of KLC Pet Sitting. I have always loved animals from a very young age so I used to constantly beg my parents for pets growing up. We just never had the time for one so I had to settle for all of my friends pets! As soon as I moved to Myrtle Beach, SC from Fair Lawn, NJ in 2014 and was on my own- I got my very own first puppy ever, Chance (pictured here).


She absolutely sparked my love for animals even more and for the past almost 10 years I have worked with animals in one way or another. I've always pet sat for family and friends but I spent a lot of time working in Animal Rescue- which was both difficult and rewarding. We found homes for over 200 pets during my time there! After that, I worked at a dog boarding facility where I gained a lot more pet sitting and pet care knowledge. 

My Fiancée Nick and I have been together for four and a half years and bought our first home in 2021 in South Conway. We have our own little "farm" at home that consists of three dogs and four cats! Once I realized that he loves animals as much as I do, I knew he was the one! I would not be able to do this business without him taking care of our babies at home when I'm away. We are getting married this November!

We have a 2 year old White German Shepherd named Layla, a 12 year old boxer named Zorro, and a 9 year old mutt, Chance. We unfortunately lost our 7 year old White German Shepherd, Lady, in June 2022 very suddenly to cancer. We have four cats- Boots, Pants, Bella, and Paprika. Our home is full but our hearts are fuller! 

I will always uphold my promise of being kind, loving, and compassionate towards all animals, always.

Hey there! I’m Brianna, although most people just call me Bri. I’m a 24 year old Christian and a proud dog mom to three pup-tastic canine companions (sometimes four if you include my husband, Bobby). Our furry family members include Ghost, Waylon, and Koe.


Ghost, our six year old, is a handsome all-white German Shepherd mixed with Great Pyrenees. Waylon, who came into my life before I met my husband, is now three years old. He's a Lab mix- some speculate there's a bit of Chihuahua in there because he loves to yap and bark at anything that moves! Koe, our only girl, thinks she's the boss! She's an Australian Shepherd bursting with tons of energy and affection.


Growing up, I witnessed the mistreatment of animals, which inspired me to make a promise to myself. I vowed that once I was older, I would adopt animals who had a tough start in life and give them the love and care they deserved. That's exactly what I did. I rescued Waylon just minutes before he was scheduled to be euthanized. Ghost came from a shelter in North Carolina after a family couldn't meet his needs due to epilepsy. Koe was kept behind a glass display door, where families would interact with her briefly before walking away.


Currently, I am enrolled at HGTC, pursuing a career in Applied Sciences for nursing. In addition to caring for my own beloved pets, I have over three years of experience in pet sitting. My warm, outgoing, and compassionate nature is always reflected in my work. I’m so excited for the opportunity to care for your cherished companions, providing them with the same level of affection they receive from you, and ensuring they feel right at home even when you're away.

Brianna WehrleTeam Member

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