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KLC Pet Sitting Welcomes You with Open Paws
When You Can't Be There- We Will!

Owner of KLC Pet Sitting LLC

There’s nothing I like better than being around animals. If you’re searching for a reliable and experienced Pet Care Provider, look no further. I’ll take care of your beloved pet as if they were my own — with kindness, love and endless compassion. I am insured as well as Pet CPR & First Aid Certified, and a Certified Pet Expert.

I am a 30 year old Christian entrepreneur with a passion for animals. I have a lot of experience working with animals which includes my time working in Animal Rescue and Boarding Facilities. I prioritize my growing pet sitting business and am very dedicated to what I do! You could rest assured that I am reliable and responsible and so is anybody that I may bring onto my team. My number one priority is to keep your fur babies safe and happy at all cost! We're also smoke free and drug free for those that may have those concerns. 

Our Services

Dog Walker

House Sitting
In Your Home

Regardless of your pet’s breed, age or behavior, our house sitting service can be curated to fit their specific needs and routine — no matter how unique!

This service is by far our most requested service and is often booked well in advance. 

With this service, your pets get to stay in the comfort of their own home while you’re out of town. We stay with them overnight and take care of them during the day. 

They will get all sorts of attention and love and this service will reduce any stress on your pets… and you! We will keep your home tidy and safe, water your plants, collect your mail, wash any bedding/towels we used, and take out our trash. 

Please note this is not a 24/7 service. We will still come and go for other drop-in bookings, but please rest assured that your animals are our main priority during this time!

Bed & Barkfast
House Sitting

This is our newest service option! It is perfect for people that want their animals to get a lot of attention, but don't necessarily need someone to sleep overnight with them.

This service includes a 2 hour PM visit to hang out, walk, feed dinner, and give lots of love before bed time. Your sitter will come for 2 hours between 6 & 9PM. Walk included.

It will also include a 30 minute AM drop-in visit between 8 & 9AM to feed breakfast, give a potty break, and more love! We will return that night to stay for 2 hours again. 

You always have the option to add an extra drop-in visit or walk during the day if needed, but most well behaved dogs will do just fine with this routine! 

Drop-ins, Dog Walks, & Kelsey's Quick Cat Care

Our Drop-In Services allow you to make sure your pet is well taken care of even when you’re not around. We offer these services for all sizes and breeds. Reserve our time and relax knowing your pet is in the best possible hands!

We offer 15 minute cat care visits, 30 minute dog walks, and 30/60/90 minute drop-in visits.

Our drop-ins include playtime, feeding, scooping litter, letting your pet outside to potty in a fenced in area... and lots of love! Whatever your needs are, you can rest assured that we will take great care of your kids for you!


Kelsey L. Cramer- Owner

Please get in touch if I seem like the right Pet Care Provider for you!

If you have any questions- you could fill out the contact form, call or email me. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!! 

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